Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She's DEAD!

Health care in America is a profit based system. Too many see it as a health based system, until they have a health emergency.

A 32 year old woman, married with 3 children came down with breast cancer and her HMO denied her care that cost $150,000.00 which the HMO was obligated to pay for. This resulted in a delay of 6 months while her family and friends raised the money so she could go to another medical center to have the treatment. She later died and it was found out that the medical director of the HMO, who had no expertise in breast disease or cancer and was not a practicing physician, was being given bonus pay at the end of the year based on how much the HMO was profiting. It also came out that employees of the same HMO who had the same breast cancer received the treatment and payment from the HMO.

(She is DEAD!)

Source: Saveonhealth.blogspot.com

I, too, am victim having been denied care for medically necessary surgery. It took almost two years before Carelink Health Plans of West Virginia was ordered by the state to pay for my treatment. No rush. No sense of responsibility to time needs. The HMO's medical director, likewise, had no experience with the field of medicine upon which his decision rested. He was wrong. Dead wrong. Not surprising. Just wonder what decisions he is making today!

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