Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Max Baucus A Pathetic Statesman?

Tuesday’s Tirade
Who Is the real Senator Max Baucus?

America continues to be outraged by the economic crisis facing us. Daily there's a new chapter to discover that describes the moral and ethical decline of America.

Our leaders work hard to convince us that their motives are pure. Does their action support their words? Sadly, many times truth is missing.

Take for example Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Senator Baucus, as Head of the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, plays a lead role in defining health care reform in America today. He is passionate and eloquent; most importantly Baucus knows how to attract campaign finances. Large sums.

Here's an alarming e-mail I recently received from ConsumerWatchdog.org:

Stop HMO $ From Gutting Obama-Care
Christine :

Outrageous! A new Consumer Watchdog study shows that the leading architect of health reform on Capitol Hill, Senator Max Baucus, has received more campaign contributions from HMOs and drug companies than any other Democrat, and is the third biggest recipient on the Hill overall.

Please send a free message to President Obama asking him to not waver in his demand for real affordable, accessible health care for every American. You can also find how much this excel chart of the $24 million in HMO and drug company contributions your legislators took by downloading.

Responding to our study, which was featured in this Washington Post article, Senator Baucus' spokesperson said the HMO money didn't matter. Yet Baucus' health plan requires every American to buy private insurance policies and doesn't allow all patients access to Medicare.

HMO executives are gathering at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown today, plotting how to hijack the president's health care plan. They cannot be allowed to. Our DC director Carmen Balber took this video at a protest of the HMO conference. Please weigh in now with your protest note to President Obama.

Thanks for all your support. We are constantly amazed by how little the consumer's voice seems to matter on Capitol Hill. Your tax-deductible contributions allow us to make the politicians hear the public's will.

Thanks for all that you do.
Jamie Court

For four years I have investigated my former HMO Carelink Health Plans Inc of West Virginia, a subsidiary of Coventry Health Care Inc of Bethesda MD. Not only has Carelink been found guilty of "egregious" acts at a formal hearing of the West Virginia Insurance Commission in 2006, I believe Carelink acted out of fear that I might be becoming too intimate with their internal workings, uncovering many dirty tricks.
On November 1, 2005, the former Carelink CEO falsely accused me of fraud and threatened me with termination. I turned deep anger into passion and have devoted well over 3000 unpaid hours to learning about the evils within the health care system. I am an expert, having opened doors that very few consumers have dared open.

And I speak with authority: the sins of the financial markets pale in comparison to the power of HMOS to destroy lives. How does this happen? Well, just like today's suspect financial institutions, HMOs employ a variety of tactics to keep their dirty tricks secret.

Investigate insurance regulators and you will likely discover much deception. Investigate the media and the lack of focus on the hidden agendas of insurance companies. Study the public records of state and national officials to learn just how much insurance lobbyists protect insurance companies from real scrutiny. And never forget the insurance accreditation agencies like URAC. Study URAC's Board of Directors and discover one key official with strong ties to Coventry Health Care, ties that go back many years.

And now arrives Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Do you really believe that Senator Baucus fully represents the people? Is his work on this national issue of health care reform compromised by the HMO lobbyists who have contributed so generously to his campaign chests? There is urgency to our learning the truth. Real urgency.

Over the recent decade many politicians and corporations have been destroyed by investigative reporting. Many of us persevere in searching for evidence of wrongdoing. We await the next ax to fall. Will it bring others corporations down with it? Likely.

It will not come too soon for the most vulnerable in society.

Tuesday’s Tale
Flashback December 11, 2005

In early December 2005, I was still reeling from the emotional pain of having been accused of fraud by Carelink CEO Patrick Dowd. At times like these, many would feel powerless. Writing a blog, My Father’s Legacy: Voices for Justice, helped heal a wounded spirit. It also propelled my case into the limelight. Many people have joined me; many will come. The stakes are high. One’s very life lies in balance.

In 2008 I spoke by phone with a dear friend I describe below. My eyes were opened during this conversation to the significance of my former HMO’s abuses tied to what we both believe to be the unquestionably illegal activities of state officials and regulatory agencies. “In addition to corruption being at the core of this “systemic evil,” politics plays a role” cautioned my friend. “Something significant must be done now as there is urgency unlike what most consider.”

Ponder the grave injustices committed within America’s financial institutions and ask, “Are the core values of greed and pride found only within our financial institutions?” Look around at other big business and government and lament the base treatment of man to man.


"Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles."
~ Bob Richards

A miracle happened yesterday. I met a man who cares about justice. His encouragement continues to uplift me. In early September, someone highly respected in our community urged me to fight for justice. His words were, “You must fight for justice.” To many he represents Truth and Justice.

Tall order, huh? Many might think so. I, however, believe in miracles. I believe it is God’s plan to bring about justice through his faithful. Others will join me. It may take awhile but they will. One at a time.
It takes just one person with courage to step out in Faith, speaking out to another person about injustice, for God to become a miracle worker. Many never do see miracles. A pity. I am blessed to have experienced many miracles in my lifetime and I now expect them. God does not let me down.
My friend gave me one piece of advice that September day. He advised me that to win against evil I must be ingenious. My response was, “Would developing a blog be ingenious?” He smiled and blessed me.
Hmm. Are there other people of Faith in our community who want to learn about the tactics of my HMO and its parent company? As time passes, I will continue to boldly speak out. At the right time, the truth will set me free.
Please pray for Liberty and Justice for all.

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