Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Child is Born Again

As I have begun to be more vocal about man's inhumanity to man, I ponder the light of Christ that shines in the hearts of so many good people during this season of hope. I return to a blog I first published on Christmas Eve 2005. There is a calmness and peace in my writing that has not been present for many years.

A Child is Born
December 24, 2005

It is December 24, 2005. Nana has wrapped a multitude of gifts that our daughter Beth, Santa's helper, had dropped off earlier. No bows this year. Just a little something to place under the tree.

Santa's helper has worked miracles with the money and lists. She bought the best of the bargains, stretching the dollars so that the fun of unwrapping would last and last.

Family gathers. Cameras are ready. Alas. Something is amiss. Clothes do not fit. Wrong colors. Wrong ideas. Oops! There is one young man who failed to give Santa's helper a list. Naughty! Naughty! Cash from returns reaches our pockets in April...

Fast forward. It is Christmas 2005. My husband Tom is more firm than ever: "We're only sending gifts to those in need." So this season we are buying a heifer at in the names of family and friends. While we hope all will agree that this is our best Christmas gift ever, there are more than a few "bah humbugs".

I ponder Christmas. It's become so messy this year dealing with corporate injustice which is nothing new to our family. Our response to past injustice was to develop a stronger Faith,

It is in Faith that we celebrate the coming again of Jesus into our world, a world that needs the light to shine in its darkness. A coming of the Child Jesus with abundant graces for those who seek to know Him.

We know it is He who leads us through troubled days. He renews our confidence that we will make a difference, that justice will once again reign in our small corner of the world as we become peacemakers.

May each of you open Jesus' gifts for you this Christmas as you remember that with God all things are possible. May you enjoy a blessed Christmas Season. And may God bless us all with Liberty and Justice.

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