Monday, March 1, 2010

Official Carelink West Virginia

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." —Martin Luther King, Jr.

No individual, let alone one who is mentally ill, must ever face the insurance industry as I have for almost five years. Never again. But today I am standing tall. I will face my accusers in the First Circuit Court of West Virgina in Wheeling, my hometown. The trial will begin April 26, 2010 and it is not soon enough for me.

Take some time to reread my blogs that detail the many obstacles Coventry Health Care placed to deny me my rightful benefits. And somehow they manage to remain accredited as an "Excellent" insurance company today.

Our court system, though established to insure justice, sometimes has its hands tied. If Coventry is to retain its first-class image, it must win. It matters not what tactics it uses to control the truth.

"Defendants object," Coventry attorneys state, "to any request for production or interrogatory that seeks information to Plaintiff's claim for benefits or the appeal of the same. Any such information is irrelevant and it not likely to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence in as much as Plaintiff has already admitted that her claims are unrelated to her claim for benefits or her appeal."

Hmmm. That means that the juror will never hear of the events that led to the discrimination by former CEO Patrick Dowd. Those dirty tricks that were played and their motives for covering up wrong-doings. They will never hear that about three days before I received the intimidating letter from Mr. Dowd, I asked Ruthie Simpson to request action from Patrick Quinn, who worked closely with Dowd, to advise Quinn I was writing a blog.

What are the consequences of greed? Who will be accountable for wrongdoing that may be repeated time and again? Would you believe that Carelink denied an elderly friend's request for physical therapy, suggesting a 60 day appeal as the next step? Did Carelink know that the woman had fallen four times and the therapy was necessary? Did they care?

But I must tell you more. Carelink "has asserted an affirmative defense denying that the plaintiff has any disability." As a consequence the judge has ordered a two day evaluation by Carelink's "Expert" Dr. David Clayman in Charleston WV. Friends, this is the most cruel tactic that has ever happened to me.

I have lived with bipolar illenss for forty-five years having been diagnosed by three different psychiatrists and a family doctor, having received Social Security benefits for ten years and, fortunately, having records of the existence of my symptoms time and again and again. Coventry attorneys have access to many of those records.

Who is Dr. Clayman? I would have expected an expert psychiatrist, but Clayman is a forensics psychologist, who is on record as saying that of the many titles he has received, he likes "entrepreneur" the best. Additionally, it has been reported that he "maintains an aggressive public relations campaign to keep the name of his practice in the forefront of attorneys, judges and the business community." The National Psychologist

Dr. Clayman's resume includes a long list of accomplishments. One would hope that he would have experience in psychiatric evaluations, but that is not in the lengthy resume. What more can I say? Oh, there's this interesting self-evaluation written my Dr. Clayman in the WV State Journal in May 2009:

"While some people effect change in a calm and diplomatic manner, that has not been my style. My more direct, outspoken approach has not always made me well liked. Taking the lead from one of my life heroes, I have remained committed for battling for what I believe is right, not giving giving up and adhering to the spirit of my late professor's major lesson in effectiveness."

Whew! While Dr. Clayman is describing how he advocates for important issues, I can only question: Which Dr. David Clayman will "interview" me?

What a circus. Only this is painful. Truly painful.

Check back with me sometime after March the 16th. I will have a lot to say about my interview with a forensic psychologist and I will discuss the harm that can result from undergoing such an intense examination.

Be well.

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