Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coventry Health Care Profits Rise 24% 4th Quarter 2009

Please join us at United for Justice by sending correspondence to Post Office Box 2181, Wheeling WV 26003-2181. If you do not act now, when will you do it? I am being called a hero by several of my clergy - a real hero wakes up in the morning and loves life no matter the circumstances.

What each of us chooses to do or not to do affects our communities. That's a heavy responsibility, but it is the truth. Join with me now. Do it.

There will be much more to describe next week. Just ponder the truth that a company who recently made 24% profits for the 4th quarter 2009 and who, in 2004, paid their former CEO Dale Wolf $32, 000.000, denied me medically necessary surgery for 22 months. How many other vulnerable citizens of one of the best countries in the world have paid for that 24% profit with denials of rightful benefits?

Please keep me in your prayers on March 15th and 16th. For you who have some appreciation of the depths of despair of the mentally ill at times, you will understand. You will join me as so many have done to date.

God bless and be well.

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